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The JamSpace Radio Show - Monday @ 3PM EST 

Ever wonder what it’s like to be the fly on a whiskey-soaked wall of a band’s rehearsal room?
Well actually — thanks to New York City-based Factory Fast Records, Northern Iowa-based Tail Wind Audio, and your station— this is now possible.  Every month, you will get a 60-minute full body cavity search while experiencing the Fluffer podcast “LIVE” from their infamous Seattle Jam Space.  There are lawyers, psychologists, and parole officers to keep Joe, Tony, and Rob somewhat in line during the broadcast. 

The show starts and ends with Fluffer playing live, and they will also be showcasing amazing studio tracks from the finest independent hard rocking artists in the world.  In between the sets of these talented artists you will be privy to the mayhem and bantering that only goes on in an uncensored band room.  Did I mention the top secret drinking game brought to you by our resident sexy Hawaiian ghost?  Plus a chance to learn the best excuses to weasel out of awkward tinder hookups?  Your listeners will get to nominate the "real life" Fluffer and Flufferette of the month to be enshrined on their Wall of Stains. 

Of course, Factory Fast Records and Fluffer will be in 100% Radio CHAT mode during the show and prepared to explain, accept kudos, or ask forgiveness for anything that happens on air.

Experience the sights, sounds and SMELLS of The Jam Space!!  

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